Another Fun CSN Opportunity

I've loved partnering with CSN stores thus far. They are the lovely folks behind several blog giveaways on here, along with providing me with my very-awesome dehydrator (and the opportunity to create my very own fruit roll ups) and some very cool science kits for F&B.

I'm excited to partner with them again to offer ... well, you'll just have to come back and see soon! I've been browsing their site again, looking at all the awesome stuff we just need!

I'm currently in love with the LCD TV stands, mostly because we still have our very inexpensive pressed board boxy one. And then there's all the awesome kitchen stuff, I'm convinced I need a griddle for all the pancakes I'd like to make!

F is putting her vote in for more science kits and B has been eyeing the Lego goodies. They even have Mr. & Ms. Bento jars and Ecolunchboxes, everyone needs more bento in their life!

Check back soon to see what we might decide on, it's currently up for debate.