Kroger, P&G and me, a shopping trip

Recently, BlogHer and Kroger offered me the chance to do a little bit of shopping, on them, to share Kroger's $4 off any 4 participating Proctor & Gamble products.

Well, since I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Kroger, and it is the closest grocery store to my house, and I do buy an awful lot of Proctor & Gamble products, I took them up on the offer.

After perusing the list of products, I realized that we buy a whole lot more P&G products than I thought. Like most people, I have my brand preferences, but I didn't necessarily know what big company made those brands? Bounce paper towels? P&G. Charmin toilet tissue? P&G Swiffer dust cloths? Again, P&G. Even the Pampers I bought once upon a time for F&B prior to everyone using the potty on his or her own are made by P&G.

Since we had just stocked up on toilet tissue and paper towels prior to Christmas, I used my card to buy two products we already use and two products that we wanted to try.

The winning products, if you will:
Crest MultiCare Whitening toothpaste (we buy various Crest toothpastes & Shaun likes whitening ones)
Aussie Styling Mousse (I love their mousse, my hair is short now but still thick and must be moussed)
Old Spice High Endurance AntiPerspirant/Deodorant (this is new to us, but I know my dad likes it)
Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash (again, new to us, but Shaun is game to try it, and since his hair is so short, it's not like he really needs a separate shampoo)

In conjunction with this promotion, BlogHer is giving away 25 $25 gift cards to the Kroger family of stores. Click here to enter to win.