Heart of Haiti

Isn't the above pendant beautiful?

Not only is stunning to see, you can help support an amazing cause by purchasing one.

It is made by Heart of Haiti, an organization dedicated to helping Haiti rebuild their country through their motto of "trade, not aid".

Rather than simply sending money, they are helping the people of Haiti rebuild through their own talents and income, allowing them to repair homes, send their children to school, and feed & clothe their families. After the recent earthquake devastation, the country is needing much help with rebuilding efforts.

Each item is designed by a master Haitian artist and made by hand in Haiti. They are made from recycled materials, and include vases, candleholders, serving trays, picture frames, mirrors, coasters, necklaces, clutch purses and more.

Visit Macy's to learn more about Heart of Haiti.

Disclosure: I am writing this post to spread the word about Heart of Haiti through a Mom Bloggers Club member program and will receive a Heart of Haiti pendant as a thank you.