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Got to love football season in a divided house. One of us, yours truly, is a Buffalo fan, displaced in Dallas, and just might have taught the kids how to cheer "Let's Go Buffalo" even when they aren’t playing. The other one just happens to be a Cowboys fan since he grew up here, but has yet to convert the kids. Of course, we both vividly remember the early 90s Super Bowls with mixed reactions, I’m a little cranky about them, still.

The downside, of course, is that the kids have yet to see a game at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, though they have been to Texas Stadium. Their first football game ever was box seats at Texas Stadium to watch the Cowboys. Ben actually hung out our box window and befriended the camera crew from ESPN’s Hard Knocks.

Ben watching his buddies from ESPN, pre-game at Texas Stadium

However, there’s nothing quite like being outdoors in December in Buffalo watching the Bills. I can still remember watching Buffalo beat the Raiders 51-3 in the playoffs to head to their first ever Super Bowl, sitting outside at Rich Stadium in January, with my dad and brother, and bundled up in ski clothes. One of these years, the Bills will be playing at home during our Christmas trip up north so the kids can actually see a game.

Since Sunday is football day around here, we usually plan for a nice relaxing afternoon at home. For the most part, this means we’re watching the Cowboys play since they are also our local team, and whatever other game comes through the national channel feed. There just might be a bit of Sunday & Monday night football going on too. And might actually means we’ll be watching it.

Baby Faith, cheering for the Bills!

We keep it simple—lots of appetizers and foods that aren’t too messy because we’ll likely end up eating in the living room anyhow. We make mini-pizzas, pop popcorn for the kids, have other chips and snacks ready, plus some treats (whatever I’m in the mood for, this week, I’m in the mood for cookies). My trusty vacuum is on standby too, it’s a necessity with an 8 year old, a 5 year old and a husband, all of whom are eating on the carpeted floor. For the SuperBowl or company, we go with a bit fancier fare, but for the four of us, quick and convenient wins. I want to watch the game too, not just spend time in the kitchen.

When the weather starts cooling down, we’ll put the fireplace on too and snuggle up on the couch, fire blaring, to watch the games. It makes for such a nice Sunday afternoon together to be able to relax like that, even if Ben yells “Let’s Go Buffalo” no matter who is playing or what is happening. The boy is smart, with very good taste.

How to you celebrate game days for your favorite team? Parties? Guests? Quiet time at home? Feel free to share in the comments! Then, check out exclusive offers page for 19 other NFL gameday stories.

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