MegaBlocks Dragon Universe & Toy Story Action Links, Mommy Parties.

Sometimes, it's really good to be Ben.

Really really good to be Ben.

Especially when Mommy does a lot of blogging and gets cool opportunities to try out new toys that a certain little boy gets to keep after we test them.

Thanks to an opportunity from MomSelect and MommyParties, Ben and I got the opportunity to try out two really cool new lines of toys as well as invite our friends over to try them too. We received a set of MegaBlocks Dragon Universe toys and a set of Toy Story Action Links toys.

Being that we just had Thanksgiving week and we are headed into a busy Christmas season, we decided to combine our two parties into one bigger playdate. It gave us a chance to invite some of Ben's slightly older friends (who loved the MegaBlocks Dragon Universe set) and Ben's slightly younger friends (who loved the Toy Story Action Links). As for me, I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with some dear friends who I don't see nearly enough now that our oldest kids are all school age.

We opted for a late morning playdate with coffee, juice, muffins and fruits. Simple was definitely better as the kids were more interested in playing than eating.

The boys loved both sets of toys, I think we had lots of mixing of the Dragon Universe and the Toy Story sets. Ben (like many of the boys) was especially fond of how the big dragon pieces shoot little arrows at things, we've all played "hunt for the arrows" many times since hosting the party! I think he may just be a little too fond of shooting his sister.

The Toy Story set had lots of neat options to try, especially mixing and matching the different link sets to create actions. Ben and Faith actually did a complete circle with the sets before the party, and some of Ben's friends lined up a whole series of the sets to cause a chain reaction.

We were also able to send all our guests home with a Dragon Universe Egg & dvd and/or a Toy Story buddy pack--we divided by age, since the MegaBlocks are more of a age 5 and up kind of toy, as well as letting a few of our girl friends have the Jessie Toy Story Buddy Packs.

At this point, I'd highly recommend either set for young boys. Ben plays with both daily and his friends really seemed to enjoy both sets too. I heard a lot of "I think I want the rest of these for Christmas" so that seemed like a positive review for me. Ben's already plotting which extra people he needs to go with his sets too!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the MegaBlocks Dragon Universe and Toy Story Action Links toys/party packs from MomSelect and MommyParties in exchange for hosting a playdate & blogging about it. All opinions expressed are my own, no additional compensation was received.


  1. You had so many toy story toys, I wonder if your room has toy story wall stickers little boy. You are so cute


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