Comfort & Joy

And good tidings of comfort & joy, comfort & joy, goooooooood tidings of comfort & joy!

For some odd reason, that has always been one of my favorite Christmas carols. I'm not sure why, it's definitely not the most popular of Christmas songs nor the most catchy, but it's been a favorite ever since I learned to play it on the piano 30 years ago. (Yes, I probably can play the piano, but I haven't in a good 15 years, so I am not about to try anytime soon.)

This leads into the question of the moment, what brings comfort & joy to one's life, and the opportunity to share a Faith story.

She and I have been working on a number of projects lately, including some decorating ones, craft ones and baking ones. She loves to do this kind of stuff and has gotten quite proficient at doing them on her own, including being able to bake a lot of simple recipes with minimal help from me (mostly lifting trays into the oven and handing her things off high shelves). She's also learned how to cross-stitch, how to make a number of other crafts and she loves to draw and paint.

The other night, I was making sushi and I had Faith baking muffins for a bento blog project. She made cranberry-pear gingerbread ones all on her own, which was a huge help as sushi making means my hands aren't clean enough to actually help her out. The muffins were really good and I was so impressed with how well she made them, so we of course took pictures and posted a blog to show them off to the world.

I got her ready for bed, tucked her in, cleaned up the kitchen, blogged, etc, the usual nightly routine. I actually don't head to my room until it's bedtime. For some reason, I went in there early, and laying on my side of the bed, on the pillow was a note:

Dear Mommy,
Thank you for all your help. I really like that and I love you very much. Here's a pome:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
You are the very best mommy, and I love you!
Love, Faith

And there it is, my comfort and joy, wrapped up in a slightly crazy 8 year old package, the most beautiful girl in the world, with a wonderful heart and sweet spirit. I love her so much.

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