Flightless Goose Book Review

Gilbert the Goose is just like all the other geese in the pond. He likes to swim, run, fly, and play with the other geese, until an accident happens and Gilbert learns he can no longer fly.

Although he is made fun of by the other geese, Gilbert and his human friend Johnny soon learn that everyone is different and everyone has their own talents, something the other geese need to, and finally do, learn.

The sweet story teaches a very important lesson in an age appropriate way. Gilbert may not be able to fly, but he can run very fast, a fact which becomes very important to the geese in his pond.

Gilbert is actually a real goose, discovered by the author, Eric D. Goodman, and his wife, Nataliya, in a pond in Ohio. The real Gilbert could no longer fly and the author penned the story with Gilbert's situation in mind. It comes with a read-along CD, perfect for beginning readers to follow.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Flightless Goose and the read-along CD in exchange for writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own, no additional compensation was received.