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The second Samsung Share Your Story post featured the topic of laundry, tips and tricks. With two kids (F is nearly 8, B just turned 5) and one husband who wears one set of clothes for work and a second set for home, I have more than my fair share of laundry.

Like my messy-haired helper? He also makes a lot of the laundry!

I've always been a little hyper-vigilant about laundry and spot removal (I would resell all of F&B's baby clothes and spots are a big no), but in the process, I now have two kids that remove any clothing at the site of a teeny tiny dot of, well, anything. The good part about that, assuming that there is a good part about extra laundry, I can pretty much get out any stain and the kids' clothes always look awesome.

Of course, now that they are a bit older, we've figured out a few systems to make the never-ending laundry chore run a little more smoothly. All laundry that needs to be washed is put in the laundry hampers in my bedroom closet nightly. We presort--the blue hamper holds all dark clothes, the white hamper holds light colors. The kids are pretty good at figuring it out by now.

Those two hampers are then divided into dryer-safe loads and hang-to-dry loads. F&B don't necessarily know the how and the why of those categories, but they know how to sort them. Basically, all undergarments, socks, and workout shirts (lights and darks) are considered dryer loads. Everything else (shirts, shorts, pants, jammies) are hang-to-dry loads. B has been able to sort this way for the last year and a half.

From there, we run whichever load is needed most and fits best in our time frame. Going to be home awhile? I deal with the hang-to-dry loads. Errands to run? Dryer loads that need monitoring. No brilliant motives, just trying to make the least amount of work for me.

F&B also help with some of the folding (undergarments, socks, towels) and F helps me with the bedding. They also do most of the putting away and all of the taking their laundry upstairs for me. I've finally moved all their stuff upstairs to their rooms (for the longest time, they had clothes in our dresser drawers and closets). I'm loving the newfound space in our room too!

Other tricks? I have an entire cabinet of pretty much every stain remover on the market, multiple detergents, color safe & regular bleach, etc. One way or another, spots are coming out!

Any great tips you want to share? I always need more brilliant laundry ideas, leave me a comment!

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