Favorite family time ideas

Because, you know, we don't already spend enough time together. And if you read my assorted McGetaway posts, you've already realized that for the four of us, family time is a much higher priority than anything else.

That said, our top five easy ideas for family time--

1. Our nightly (almost nightly) family book - I want to say nightly, but sometimes life gets in the way and everyone is rushing to bed. Right now, we are reading the rousing adventures of Hank the Cowdog. I'm thinking we're going to move on to the Fudge series next. We all snuggle up in my bed and read a few chapters.

2. Family game night - We did a lot of game-type nights anyhow, but Faith saw this on something and was obsessed that we had to have a scheduled family game night, so we did. We've been slowly introducing the kids to real games like Sorry and Crazy Eights, because there are only so many times one can play Littlest Pet Shop Mall Madness before the urge to disconnect the batteries and toss the game in the pool is overwhelming. Now speaking of the pool ...

3. Swim days - The best thing we ever did was get a house with a pool. Our first house, when Faith was a baby, didn't have one and it was on my must-have list for the current house. We could (and do) spend hours out there just swimming and relaxing, and in my case burning, but it is so peaceful to just float in the yard with no other people around.

4. Cooking - If you read my bento blog, it's no secret that I cook a lot with my kids. We actually do a weekly feature on there with the kids cooking on Mondays. In the process, the kids have learned a lot and we've come up with some great recipes. This week's garden zucchini bars? Amazing!

5. Local adventures - Over the years, we've had memberships to the Dallas Zoo, the Science Museum, and a few others. We're lucky to live in a major city with lots to do, so it's the perfect way to spend time with the kids. If it ever stops being 100+ degrees outside, we're scheduling a trip to the zoo, haven't been there in awhile. This week, we're thinking Imax at the science museum (hey, it's indoors & air conditioned!). ;o) I'm also a little partial to day trips from the Dallas area--San Antonio and Austin have so many neat things to do.

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