Today I Ate a Rainbow Review

Since we're still in Canada, it only seems appropriate to share an awesome Canadian product--the Today I Ate a Rainbow chart & book.

Today I Ate a Rainbow is a product developed by a mom that helps your child keep track of the produce they are eating according to color. By eating fruits & veggies from each of the 5 color categories, it helps to encourage a balance diet and variety of choice. The charts & magnets help kids take responsibility for their food choices and keeping track of them.

Kia (the owner) is one of my Twitter buddies and from Ontario also. She was hosting a (Canadian) Twitter party and I had asked her if I could be an official Canadian mommy for it, because of the cool prizes. After all, I am Canadian and we were going to be at my parents' house in July, so I even had an available Canadian address.

Instead, she took my parents' address and sent F&B a cool package that arrived just as we did. The kids got a copy of her book called The Rainbow Bunch, the Today I Ate a Rainbow chart & two sets of magnets (soooooooo important with two kids), and some grocery shopping pads for me. :o)

Faith immediately pulled it apart and read the book to Ben, before they both dove into the chart. The book is a sweet rhyming story of why it's important to eat a variety of veggies & fruits each day. F&B then conspired to a list of what they eat that is fits into each color category. I have to say, I was impressed with their lists. They both came up with a number of options in each category. They also both loved the idea of making sure that they had one item in each category so they could check it off or move their magnets.

My favorite moment, so far, was Faith announcing loudly to my father that he absolutely *NEEDED* to cut the pineapple for her, right then & there, because she needed something yellow for her rainbow. I believe I diffused the moment with a banana because said pineapple wasn't quite ready to be cut then & there. ;o)

Needless to say, we're loving our package and can't wait to set it up at home when we get back next week.

If you're interested in your own, head over to Today I Ate a Rainbow. They ship to both Canada and the US.

Kia, thank you so much for ours too, F&B and I love it!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Today I Ate a Rainbow kit as a gift to F&B, and chose to feature it as a review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No additional compensation was received.