And Still More Summer Reading ...

The other day, I discovered the Twitter Moms Reading Channel and they were posing the question:

What tips, tricks or strategies do you suggest to make sure kids to embrace summer reading?

That's right up our alley around here, so I started thinking about it and figured, I had to write this post!

Most summers, we sign up for every summer reading program known to us. The kids signed up for Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Half Price Books, our library and the library in Canada while we visit my parents.

So far, they've earned books at Borders (Faith only) and Barnes & Noble (both). They also earned a few of the $3 gift cards at Half Price Books, which Faith turned into a Geronimo Stilton book for her and Ben turned into 6 new books for him!

The long car trip to Canada provide more reading opportunities for Miss Faith, she read several chapter books along the way, and we listened to some of the Magic Treehouse books on CD.

However, after all that, I found an even better trick while we are in Canada. It's called "books that were Mommy's when she was a kid"!

Now, I Can Read is the Twittermoms sponsore for this whole summer reading conversation. The series actually started in 1957 with its first book Little Bear, since adding over 200 titles.

Anyhow, look what Ben discovered at Nana's house:

These would be *my* copies of Frog & Toad All Year and Sammy the Seal! They are also I Can Read books (from the 70s, now shush) and were gifts for my second & third birthdays! My grandma was a 1st grade teacher, she always got me cool books.

And with some more looking about, we also found:

My copy of Little Bear (not the I Can Read version, but cool nonetheless) and Grizzwold (who is an I Can Read book). We also found Madeline, Curious George, No Roses for Harry, all my original Clifford and a number of other ones I remember reading as a kid. We already have all my "Frances" books at home!

Not leaving Faith out, we also found a few that were more her speed:

A Choose Your Own Adventure called A Day with the Dinosaurs and one by the author of Clifford called How to Care for Your Monster. She was pretty happy with those also.

I swear, there is something extra special about the fact that these were Mommy's books! :o) I'm so happy my parents saved these.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get an "I Can Read!" book. For more information on how you can participate, click here.