Snack Taxis Review

The other day in the mail, we received a lovely surprise. Erin at SnackTaxi sent us a pair of their bags to try out, use and blog about! We do love surprises in the mail and honestly, take a look at these!

Did she not pick the absolute perfect ones for me? Right off the bat, I was in love with the sushi pattern and already thinking that these were for Mommy, not F&B!

We received two sizes--

The larger sandwich sack in green sushi! It holds a standard sized sandwich without having to cut it in half.

And the snack sack in red sushi, it's about 2/3 the size of the sandwich sack, a little shorter and a bit narrower too.

I'm sure you're wondering where they fit with bento lunches. Faith asked me that too. But often times, we have other items that we just don't want in the lunch box itself. Crackers & cookies are notoriously bad for getting mushy when packed near fruit, so I usually stick them in a separate container. The snack bag is even better! It keeps them separate from the fruit and takes up much less space than another box of any sort. Extra boxes mean we need to sometimes switch bento bags, which isn't ideal when you're ready to head out the door and the lunch is just about packed.

Both bags also fit much better in my purse for quick snacks (or for a sandwich for me) and fold up when done. I don't carry a huge purse, so a box fitting in there is pretty rare.

I also really love that you can wash them if need be in the washing machine or just hand wash them in the sink. We mostly stick with less messy items in the bags, so hand washing is perfect for me. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to try overly mess items. With my luck, something would happen and I'd have strawberries in my purse. I happen to be really fond of my purses, and strawberry juice would make me quite unhappy.

If you'd like to order your own, head over to Snack Taxi. There are tons of cute colors & patterns in both sizes, including some on sale! Erin was kind enough to provide a coupon code for my readers. Enter SAVE15 at checkout for an additional discount off your order.

Disclosure: Snack Taxis provided me with samples of their products to try out & keep for our own usage. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No additional compensation was received for this review.