Danny the Dragon Meet Jimmy Review

A few weeks ago, round about the time of Faith's little mishap, I received a lovely email from a lady asking if we might be interested in receiving a copy of a new children's book, reading it and posting a review on our blog. Being that the kids & I are book junkies, we were more than happy to get a copy!

Our package arrived at the end of February and the author (Tina Turbin) was kind enough to send us her new book Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, a copy of the corresponding audio CD Dreams, and a preview copy of the Danny the Dragon dvd. F&B were also quite excited to find stickers and door hangers for their rooms in the package!

The book is a sweet children's story of a little boy named Jimmy who discovers an unusual talking shell at the beach. He brings it home to find out that it is inhabited by a magical dragon named Danny and his navigator, a little green creature named Skipper. The story is simple, focusing on Danny & Jimmy, their friendship and the beginnings of their adventures. It ends with a question of more, hopefully to be explained in future books. Both F&B wanted to know more about where Danny came from, and exactly how he got in the shell. :o)

The audio CD, Dreams, is just as sweet. It was originally released at a Sesame Street classical concert in Los Angeles with the proceeds benefiting the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. The first track is a gentle reading of the book, followed by 10 tracks of classical music, very calming and perfect for bedtime music (after you hear the story of course).

The author herself, Tina Turbin, is a humanitarian, radio spokes-woman as well as an award winning children's author. She helps many people in the allergy, celiac, autistic and gluten-free "world" and works hard to make these topics more known, including her gluten-free website.

All in all, we enjoyed the book. After pushing for a better answer than "I liked it, it was good," from F&B, Ben decided that his favorite part was when Danny came out of the shell and Faith was very impressed with the illustrations (she's on a whole author/illustrator kick right now). Of course, they are also obsessed with the door hangers and keep announcing how the other has to check which side is up before they can enter the room. ;o) All three of us would definitely like to read a sequel (I want to know how Danny got in the shell too)!

You can find out more about Danny The Dragon and Tina Turbin at:
Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy of Danny the Dragon and the "Dreams" CD for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No additional compensation was received.